Lokkur Investment Advisors Private Limited (LIAPL) is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor that offers investment advice to clients.

We work with clients to help them build and manage their assets through our investment advisory services. It is our firm belief that simplicity is the key to a sustainable and successful relationship. We engage with clients in adherence to these principles and offer advice on investments. We offer our clients advice on investing in equities and debt.

We specialize in advising our clients in investing directly in listed equities. Our investment philosophy, our understanding of markets combined with our equity research enable us to advise our clients on successfully investing and generating superior returns in the long run.

We initially engage with our potential clients to understand their investment objectives, existing portfolio of investments, assets and liabilities. Every client is unique and has a different need and end objective.

We stay focused on this while developing the investment strategy for our client. With the help of our research team we then develop a comprehensive and diverse investment plan for the client.

How we engage

The advice provided to our client is dynamic and we monitor all our recommendations and client’s requirements constantly to ensure we meet our objective of achieving superior returns for our clients.

We follow a structured engagement methodology, that includes:

  • Identifying your investment objectives and goals
  • Understanding your risk appetite
  • Understanding your current and potential resources
  • Creating an investment strategy and portfolio to meet the requirement based on our understanding
  • Define an approach that considers all your wealth management goals for your portfolio and your life
  • Monitoring your investments and advising you on whether to stay invested or sell
  • Helping the client strategies how much, when and what to reinvest in

Whether it is about helping you grow your wealth or manage it, we have the right approach for you.