Research is one of the corner stones to providing investment ideas and recommendations for investments.

Equity research

Lokkur’s equity research team looks at identifying potential long-term outperformers and carries out in-depth research on the company’s business, industry and factors affecting the performance of the company. Lokkur’s equity research is based on fundamental analysis of companies as we believe that in the long run, companies with strong fundamentals provide superior returns.

Lokkur also looks at macro-economic factors to identify secular trends that may influence specific industries.

Excellence in research has been, and continues to be a trademark of Lokkur. This includes closely monitoring macro-economic trends and policies in the industry. We constantly look at identifying thematic trends that could be key influencers in certain industries outperforming others.

Besides equity research, Lokkur also carries out research on debt instruments and mutual funds that invest across asset classes, for recommending appropriate funds to our clients.

Lokkur research looks for investment opportunities primarily in one of four themes.

Companies operating in industries that will benefit from secular trends

Companies that have sound businesses, strong management combined with high degree of corporate governance

Fundamentally strong companies operating in sectors that have been adversely affected by economic or industry cycles

Special situations, where companies are in the midst of transaction such as M&A, secondary offering, capital restructuring